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“I stood up in front of 50 odd people and pitched my business idea. That in itself is a massive thing for me. This is the best thing I’ve done since I’ve been here. The course brought us all together, developing our ideas together as a team. The event was fantastic. Thanks you for believing in us”


HMP Pentonville

“I would definitely recommend this course. Simone delivers it in a quality and calm way that you just cant go wrong. I’ve never done anything like this before but I want to do more!”


HMP Pentonville

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very impressed and glad that I was made part of it”


HMP Pentonville

“Learnt a lot about confidently pitching your business idea, believing in yourself and idea passionately. I used to chase the money now I’m chasing my passion to fulfill my dreams”


YOI Felham

“This course is life changing and benefical. Best course I’ve done in my whole life!”


HMP Wormwood Scrubs

“I built my confidence and made friends for life. I don’t mix with others from other wings but we just go on and worked as a team. We all now know how to apply simple things and create something big”


HMPWormwood Scrubs

“Empowering, raised my confidence and I feel inspired to take my idea forward. I feel others could benefit learning the basics of running a business and the financial intelligence”


HMP Pentonville

“I’ve always had ideas but never one I thought I could really do with a criminal record. Thanks for the knowledge Miss H”


HMP Wormwood Scrubs

“I want to do this all over again! Thanks for believing in us miss!”


YOI Feltham

“This is real stuff that can help me. Simone is an excellent teacher that shares her journey to help us. Simone helped us all push our ideas, I’m inspired and I know I can do this. “


YOI Feltham

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